Welcome to World Class Technologies!

We are a team of expert consultants who help our clients organize, categorize and optimize content which is freely available on the Internet. 

We do this through harnessing the power of Open Source Solutions to achieve knowledge transference through open and free contents.

At World Class Technologies, we are committed to helping our clients find and manage relevant and value adding content from the Internet that enables them to successfully carry out their business objectives. We help them design a content strategy, devise a balanced scorecard and identify those indicators that they need to measure success,  saving both time and money.   


At World Class Technologies we realise that although there are a growing number of more flexible, open source solutions appearing on the market which can organize,  create and curate a variety of online content, many organizations still invest huge sums of money on developing content which in many cases, already exists.

Whatever content you are looking for,  we can 

  • 1. help you find it and incorporate it into your digital content strategy
  • 2. manage your strategy for you
  • 3. help your organization optimize existing content 
  • 4. source new content and, 
  • 5. present an overall attractive service for your employees and/or stakeholders.


We breath Open Content and advise businesses on how they can take advantage of the wealth of content that is out there on the Internet. 

We align strategic objectives with digital content needs, organise how that open content is presented within the client environment and establish the Key Performance Indicators. 

Using Creative Commons and agile work processes, we are able to design and implement Knowledge Consultancy Strategies based on tested models.