We at World Class Technologies are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals – our aim is to be THE go-to provider for customized open source and content solutions which promote capacity building and knowledge sharing amongst large numbers of stakeholders. We believe that through partnerships and collaborative initiatives, we can help our clients achieve their objectives more efficiently, with better results and within a realistic timeframe.


We know that reaching and engaging key stakeholders with quality content can be challenging and so we offer a creative way of helping you to acheive your goals by maximising existing  open source content to suit your needs. There is a lot of content freely available on the Internet so why spend time and money creating more if what you need already exists?



We are a team with more than 15 years of expertise in  knowledge transference and content strategy. We specialise in open knowledge content, creative commons and content creation using a targeted strategy.  

We have experience working with multi-laterals and medium/large corporations providing them with  solutions available in a variety of languages. 

We are committed to working and learning with our clients to produce incredibly powerful solutions. 


We indentify, organize and catagorize existing open content which is available over the internet in order to save our clients time and money

Based on our methodology we are able to advise and organize those core contents which form part of your business strategy -  critical for clients who need to reach specific audiences, engage them and direct them to resources,  helping to improve their capacity to work more efficiently or live better lives. 


Through our tried and tested model, we analyse our client's content strategy and help them take better advantage of the massive amounts of content available over the internet. 

We create a comprehensive plan which identifies not only the relevant content but the processes needed to achieve their goals. Part of our commitment is help you optimize your budget to offer those contents which are critical for your business.